Monday, May 21, 2012

Stencil Falcon

As I've said lately, right now I'm in the process of designing a lot of memorabilia for a fake band called "Steel Falcon". It's for work. (I should put that in quotes because it's so much fun.) It's for "work". Part of my task was to create a Steel Falcon stencil (now that I'm no stranger to stencil-cutting) and this is the final product.

I like that Jesus is peeking out at the top of this picture:

The current state of my office's spray paint wall:

This is just about half of my spray paint arsenal:
See the bottom-middle yellow spray paint can? It has a hole in the top of it from where a BEAR BIT INTO IT. I know I'm not much of a vandal, but that should for sure earn me some street cred!