Steel Falcon

7:58 AM

This is going to be the first and last flute that I ever draw. So many little pieces and knobs and buttons! I spent way too much time on the flute. This is the beginning of a concert poster for a "fake" band that I'm designing. I was trying to channel the vibe of old sixties posters...all I can think of when I look at it is Ron Burgundy playing the jazz flute in "Anchorman." This is totally the kind of poster he would have hanging in his apartment (which smells of rich mahogany.) Anyway, the band is called "Steel Falcon," in case you couldn't read it and you thought they were called "Sceel Jalcon" or something. It'd be understandable. I spent like 20 minutes trying to make that "F" look less like a "J" and I can't do it. Silly smoky-cursive-letters-coming-out-of-a-flute! So tricky.

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