Raining Drumsticks

7:35 AM

For the past couple weeks, especially at work, I've been very focused on street art. I've had huge tasks that involved spray-paint and posters and stencils and various forms of (legal) tagging. It's been a blast. I still have the spray paint under my fingernails to prove it. I've loved getting messy and undertaking big projects that were unlike anything I've ever done before...

But now I'm going to be shifting gears! It's time for me to pull my gaze away from street art for a little while and focus on some of my other tasks at hand - one of which (the one I'm most excited about) involves creating a lot of music memorabilia. Fake music memorabilia, I guess - memorabilia for a pretend-band-that-doesn't-really-exist...I love my weird job where sometimes I get to design concert posters for fake bands. Seriously. I think this is all SO fun. Today I've only got some drumsticks to show for myself, but there are a lot of them! I'm sure you're going to be seeing a lot more musical instruments in the near future.
This was me trying out some different background colors...and a faucet.

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  1. don't you think "Raining Drumsticks" would be a good name for an album? a hit single? MISMOM


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