7:53 AM

Okay, okay, I know it's getting a little repetitive with the music theme each day here...I'll try to get a little more creative tomorrow. But right now, I've just got musical instruments on the brain! This is obviously a microphone, though I don't know how it's standing up on its own. At one point, I was contemplating trying to convey the mic like it was being summoned up by a snake charmer...but I gave up on that because it was too absurd. And then I almost started drawing meatballs on the mic cords like it was a pile of spaghetti...but I thought that would be too tricky and I didn't want to cover everything in sauce - so I just went with cords. But I made lots of cords coming out of the pile, which doesn't really make sense. It's like an octopus-mic. An octo-mic! And I'm cool with that.

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