My Week in Sketches

7:57 AM

My week, via sketches:

Last Thursday, some of the kiddos and I were relaxing climbing on a hammock, 
and next thing I knew, the hammock's pillow had exploded. 
The pillow fluff became the hit of the evening and entertained the children for hours.

Once a year, just before summer, I have to take an entire day just to mail 
thousands of little paper tags to various people and groups. 
Lots of daydreaming happened this day, my annual stuff-envelopes-all-day-long day:

I babysat my housemates' children for the evening, which I love. 
We played dentist and Aladdin and danced and I got buried under pillows a lot:

Late-night hangout at a 24-hour diner with some friends that I never get to see. 
We stayed until midnight, and then I had to drive two hours home and work the next day, and it was totally worth it.

My little housemate, Addie, put a sticker on my cheek without me seeing who or what was on the sticker.
This turned into a very fun game of 20 questions, where I tried to figure out what the sticker was.
Then we played like ten more rounds. It's perfect because Addie seems to genuinely enjoy being the clue-giver and I genuinely enjoy guessing.

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