My Week in Sketches

7:58 AM

Here's my week!
Last Thursday, sitting on the patio with the girls...the chandelier added some delightful ambiance:

Driving to my parents' house Friday night, I was stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic but somehow I was in a really good mood. I'm pretty sure I could be heard singing to Coldplay in about a 5-mile radius.

My computer's fan has been overheating for months, so my dad and I decided to fix it.
We took my laptop apart and blew compressed air right through the center of it, 
which was a lot more fun than I was anticipating!

Even doing the dishes, I just love being around my parents:

Playing Boggle with my mom - our favorite game!
(It drives me crazy when I accidentally draw myself holding a pen with my left hand
when I'm right-handed. I like accuracy in my sketches!)

There was a planned power outage at my office on Tuesday, which meant that I got to work from home!
I loved it. My mom called it "Take your mother to work day."

Hanging out in downtown Redlands with my friend Erin...
We got the most amazing ice cream I've ever tasted. It was salted caramel. 
I never would have guessed I'd be that excited to taste sea salt in my ice cream:

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