Magical Trees

7:44 AM

Recently at work I was asked to draw up some sketches of a magical tree.
(For the record, there are few tasks in life that I would enjoy more. I loved this.)
So I started combining all my daydreams and whimsy and imagination, and came up with these. 
I wanted it to look like fairies might live in them, or trolls, or Peter Pan's lost boys...

This was the first one I did, which is obviously the most basic:

This one got a little crazy with the roots:

 I also liked the idea of light shining out of the top:

Originally we were hoping to get to build one of these for this summer, and now it looks like that probably won't happen....but as far as I'm concerned, as long as I got to spend work hours sketching out magical trees, I consider it all worthwhile.

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