7:44 AM

I recently discovered an artist by the name of Stanley Chow, and he's amazing!
I keep looking for more and more of his artwork wherever I can find it. 
I love his style of cartoonizing people. Here are my two my favorites:

(Ursula Andress as the first Bond girl, and the Von Trapps from the Sound of Music.)

I don't get how he caricaturizes people so well when they have solid black eyes! I don't get it, and yet I love it. I just had to try a caricature or two myself. I want to be as talented as Stanley Chow. So I tried to think of someone I hadn't seen him draw yet, and I decided to go with Katniss from Hunger Games:
It's not the worst, but it still doesn't look quite look like her. But that's okay. 
I can't expect to be Stanley on the first try. And try again, I shall...

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  1. It looks good. I knew it was Katness before I read that it was...always a good sign :)

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