Best Concert Ever

7:41 AM

Sometimes I think I'm already an old lady in the making. This was particularly apparent on Tuesday night.
I went to a Coldplay concert at the Hollywood Bowl and it was AMAZING! I'm not sure I should go to another concert ever again, because it will not live up to this. We had "terrace seats," meaning we (my friend, Bonnie, and I) were seated in a little box with only four chairs, and we shared it with two other people. It was roomy. There was a fold-out table for snacks and a cupholder. When the concert started, all the audience members in the bleachers stood up, but we in the box seats - we just kept sitting in our comfy chairs. Like we were royalty. The music was loud enough for me to hear every perfect note of every perfect song, yet my ears weren't ringing when we left the show. I had a bit of a cold going into the night, so I spent the evening wrapped in a blanket with tissues stuffed in my pocket. I'm telling you, I was two-cats-short of being the crazy cat lady that lives down your street. And I loved it. I've never enjoyed a concert more. It was during the opening acts that I first realized how amazing it was all going to be. I looked over at Bonnie as she was reading her kindle with her feet up, munching on some cheese and crackers we'd brought in...I was suddenly so saddened that I hadn't thought to bring my sketchbook. So I grabbed the only piece of paper I could find - the terrace level concert menu (where you could order cheese and crackers for $18) and I doodled on the back of it for a while. It's not much - just a floor plan I felt like sketching, some random faces, and some spaghetti that seems to be coming alive...but it was part of such a great night - the night that I got to watch a Coldplay concert wrapped in a blanket, sipping a diet coke, and sitting in a comfy chair. It was my version of heaven.

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  1. hai miss annie
    i am diah from indonesia
    i want to make t-shirt and when i search a picture, i am found your sketch
    so i want to permmit to you to use your sketch for my t-shirt
    if you permit me you can email me at
    thx very much miss annie
    oh yeah my friend want to be like you bcoz she very very love your sketch :)
    i am sorry if my englsh very bad hehehe


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