Annie: The Early Years

7:53 AM

This weekend was a special one because, as you well may know, it was Mother's Day!
But not only that - today is my mom's birthday! So I thought the appropriate thing to do would be to celebrate 
my mom with a few works of art that feature drawings of her.

For instance, here is a plate that I made in preschool:
I like that my dad has a pink head, and that I spelled his name "Dod".

 Here is a page out of a story I wrote when I was six:
I like the curly-cue nostrils I used to draw on people and that I was detailed enough to draw a barrette in my hair.

And this is a family portrait I drew when I was nine:
It's hard for me to pinpoint my favorite parts of this drawing, but I'll start with my dad giving the "o.k." hand signal, my heart sweatshirt, and the really bad haircut I drew for myself. And I think it's adorable that I'm holding hands with my mom.

I love looking back and seeing my art evolve from when I was little kid, and it makes me thankful that I had a mom who looked at these silly little sketches and thought they were worth saving!

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