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I was bursting with giddy pride and joy all Friday after I finished this.
Never in my days of artsing around have I ever attempted (let alone completed) anything this big!
It's going to be the focal point of a video we're creating for summer camp, and I was tasked with figuring out how to spray paint this image on a 12' x 8' piece of wood. Our video guys filmed the process as I stenciled and spray-painted.

Initially, I didn't know where to start. In an attempt to wrap my head around the scope of it, I printed out the image in its actual size, but on dozens of normal-sized pieces of paper...which only overwhelmed me more.

I used posterboard for the Jesus stencil. I had to go somewhere else any time I wanted to work on it because there wasn't enough floor space to spread out the stencil in my office.

I was sooooo paranoid that we were going to run out of spray paint! 
We ended up using around 20 cans, which was a lot less than I was bracing myself for.

The super-talented video team, scoping things out before we started filming/spray-painting:

We started with a layer of yellow, then lightly sprayed a white pattern over it:

Next came the red rays:

We applied the Jesus stencil slowly and carefully, knowing that we really only got one shot:

It took about six hours total to spray paint everything. I got a very lopsided sunburn from standing in the same place all day long. I practically collapsed into my car when the day was over, just exhausted from standing in the sun all day breathing in paint fumes. But as tired as I was, I felt so's rare that I'm given that big of a challenge, and so satisfying to feel like I was able to succeed at it. I like the final product a lot, but more than that, I'm proud of myself for being able to figure out something so overwhelming and make it work...and this is the most proud of anything that I've been in a long, long time.

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  1. Congratulations. Looks great!

  2. amazing!! mismom


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