Punctuation Date

7:53 AM

How did I end up here?! Why are our punctuation symbols fraternizing with one another?
Do you ever think of numbers and letters as boys or girls? Because I totally do. For instance, in my mind, R and T are guys and they're both in love with S, who's a girl. And M and N are fraternal twins (M is the girl). I think of most even numbers as girls and odd numbers as boys, with the exception of 4, who I think of as male and kind of a jerk. Z is irresponsible. B is stubborn. 7 is a bit of a show-off, but he's still my favorite. Is this normal? Too much sharing? Anyway, I discovered today that I don't have pre-conceived gender roles for punctuation marks, so I made this up as I went. Originally it was going to be the dollar sign hitting on the ampersand, but that seemed a little too busy and curvy...It's like they might be distant cousins or something. So I went with the exclamation mark instead.


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  1. I usually think of things as male and female too. Then when I studied and learned Italian some of their words had a different gender assigned to them than I had assigned that thing in my head. It made it so confusing.

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