My Week in Sketches

7:57 AM

Last Thursday I had dinner with friends and I played in a hammock with their kiddos.
They were pretending to be spiders on a spiderweb, and I was pretending to take a nap.

Last Friday was when I spray-painted the Restorer mural:

Last weekend, Nate, Laura, and I caught up on the show "Fringe" 
and the latest episode blew our minds. It was crazy. This is us freaking out about it:

A peaceful moment with Laura and her two little ones, 
all wrapped up in towels after playing in the kiddie pool on our back porch. 

Lately my life has been consumed by one giant artsy project at work. It's what this was practice for.
We're going to have an amazing video when we're all done with it, but for now 
it entails me spray-painting the side of a huge warehouse. Really cool, but a little overwhelming...

We started painting the warehouse...
It felt like we had sooooo much work ahead of us.
And we really did. 

By the second full day of filming, I was already feeling pretty exhausted.
Occasionally I would lie down on the ground to rest. No big deal. 

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