My Week in Sketches

7:49 AM

Sometimes I really like that I sketch-journal because it makes me appreciate my week more in hindsight.
Last week was a particularly good one, and I'm happy to have documented it.

Last Thursday while I was hanging out with my friends, someone mentioned that corn starch mixed with water makes a weird substance that's fun to play with (we called it "gunk") and next thing you know, we were excitedly cramming in the kitchen trying it out. I like having friends that do silly things like play with gunk.

On Friday, it started to dump snow right as I left work. I was able to just barely make it home in time to avoid the blizzard, and my housemates and I spent the evening in our cozy house with the fire going. This drawing is of one perfect, peaceful moment where little Iris sat happily on my lap while the snow was falling...before she wriggled out of my arms a second later to go pretend she was Tarzan.

After all the snow fell, we got to make a snowman! It was more of a snow-creature.

Then the next day, I was down in Oceanside having all-day-long-brunch with some friends.
I was very aware of the fact that 24 hours after making a snow creature, 
I was walking along the ocean shore in the sand and sunshine. 

 I made a bunch of homemade paste this week (called wheatpaste) for upcoming work art projects...
I felt like a mad scientist mixing everything up, and the kitchen looked like a toddler had taken over.
It's a bit tricky to explain, but I get to be a part of creating some videos for camp this summer.
One involves filming me pasting up posters on different objects and surfaces (you'll see it someday and understand what I'm talking about), but it just meant that I got to spend a few days in the outdoors getting into what felt a lot like mischief... 

 ...And the mischief continued! This is us working and playing and filming under a freeway overpass.

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