My Week in Sketches

7:53 AM

A sketchy glimpse into my week:

Last Thursday I went out to dinner with some of my friends.
I sat next to Olivia, Josh, and Macyn:

Lunch meeting with my friend Sarah...
We ate at the sketchy mexican restaurant up the road from work, 
where I always set aside my pride to order a hamburger off the "gringos" menu.

I went home for Easter weekend, and it's always fun to be with my mom and dad.
We play Rummikub at dinner every night, which I know might seem unusual, but I think it's fantastic.
(To my friends who wonder why I take board games so seriously, it's because I was raised in this family.)

 Easter Sunday! I got to help hide the eggs for my cousin's daughters to find:

This is me working on a giant, tricky-to-figure-out stencil for something at work.
I can hardly wait to show you when it's finished. It's been such a fun challenge.

I live in the mountains, and there's a huge creek bed right behind our house.
Sometimes I take it for granted. But this week, I took my guitar right to the edge of the cliff where our backyard drops off, perched myself on a tree trunk, and played to my heart's content until the sun went down. It was the most magical thing I've done in a long time...and I will do it much more from now on!

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  1. Yay for Rummikub! I love your sketch with you and the guitar. How neat for you.


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