7:39 AM

For the past few years, I haven't been able to shake the idea that some day I want to own land (imagine me saying it with an Irish accent like Tom Cruise in "Far and Away".) Sure, I'd like to own a house...but I'd also like to own part of a creek and a small forest and an overgrown meadow. What I want is to be Anne of Green Gables, with a dash of Swiss Family Robinson mixed in. I want my kids to play outside until it's dark and befriend squirrels and swim somewhere that we refer to as "the swimming hole." And somewhere on my land, I will find two sturdy trees and build an epic treehouse like this one. That's the dream.

This is a slightly-updated version of a project I started a while ago. I had drawn the trees and stained the area around it, but it wasn't until today that I painted the green hills beneath the trees. I like the drawing infinitely more now, and it will serve as a reminder for me that some day I want to own some beautiful land, treehouse included.

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