My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

I've been watching Survivor this season (as always!) and this year the tribes are split up by gender.
The guys team has been winning pretty consistently, and the girls team has been a train wreck of cattiness, unpreparedness, and stupidity. It's hard to watch and have any girl pride left in you by the end of an episode.

 During the winter months, I often have to work late on Fridays.
This is me rejoicing after my last late-at-work-on-a-Friday-night of the season:

 I woke up early on Saturday morning to register for Comic Con,
and even though I was all ready when Registration opened, I was still 24,000th in line!
Needless to say, Comic Con is getting a little too big for its britches:

I saw The Artist this week (the silent film that's been winning so many awards.)
It was good, but I officially like talking movies more than non-talking movies:

Dinner with my housemates...
I am particularly fond of how 2-year-old Iris pronounces the words "hot dog":

I caved. I bought an iphone. I suppose I should be more grateful...who complains about owning an iphone? But I'm a PC girl through and through, and I've never been drawn to apple products...but dang it, it was $200 cheaper than the android I wanted, so here we are. I feel like a traitor:

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