Hot Tea Balloon

7:55 AM

Teacups always remind me of the "Mad Tea Party" ride at Disneyland, where riders sit in over-sized teacups and spin around in circles to their heart's content. As a kid, I loooooved the Teacups, but my parents never wanted to ride them because it made them (understandably) feel nauseous. I don't blame them (now). But as a kid, I remember thinking that it was such a shame that grown-ups didn't like the Teacups ride. I swore to myself that I would always ride the Teacups, because I was never going to grow up, and some sort of youthful Peter Pan magic was going to keep me from ever getting sick on the Teacups...

The truth is - last time I went on that ride, it was like a torture device and my stomach felt upside-down for the rest of the day. But I still like the idea of the Teacups ride. I mean, I like sitting in giant teacups. So naturally, I think the solution is to make hot air balloons with giant teacups for a basket. You get all the wonder of sitting in a humongous cup, but without the nausea, right? Win win.

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