Freeway Stroll

7:41 AM

This is just a little sketch I did of a guy and girl walking down an empty freeway. That seems kind of fun, right? A little? I mean, I've never walked down the middle of a freeway before, but I imagine it would look something like this...and to clarify - this is not supposed to be me. I don't dream of freeway strolls with boys. Especially with a boy walking a bicycle with only one wheel and no seat! Did you catch that? I realized, just now, that I forgot to draw the whole bicycle. The kid's pushing a unicycle down the road! Then again, my cousin used to have a unicycle and I thought he was soooo cool when he rode it around his maybe the unicycle is what made the girl want to hang out with him in the first place.

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  1. Hmmm... Remember when we got in an accident on the freeway with your unicycle-riding cousin? We didn't exactly stroll, but we did hang out on the median of the (very busy) freeway...


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