Adventures in Wheatpasting

7:42 AM

This was SUCH a fun thing to work on! I made my own wheatpaste!
Wheatpaste is what street artists use to quickly glue posters to walls and surfaces (it's just a slimy flour-based-paste that's easy to make large quantities of.) I made some on my lunch break yesterday. Very enjoyable. Mine was really lumpy, though. It looked like tapioca pudding. But that's why I'm practicing.

I found a piece of wood and started pasting on some silly Ron Burgundy posters I made.
 I had to keep brushing away little bits of "tapioca" that was sticking to everything. 

 I repeated the posters a few times to give it that "street art look".
(Every time I mention street art, I feel like the least-street-savvy-person ever.)

 This was such a silly project but I really loved doing something that I've never done before. 
Who would have thought I could enjoy wheatpasting so much?! I'm glad I tried it. 
And hey, it's kind of like I made tapioca pudding for the first time, too...

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