My Week in Sketches

7:46 AM

Watching the Survivor season premiere with my housemates! 
I seriously miss that show when it's on hiatus.

Spent the weekend at my parents' house, which was wonderful. Group hugs for all!

My parents and I watched a Hercule Poirot mystery, 
which we haven't done since I was a lot younger. It made me so happy. Like seeing an old friend.

Sometimes I just appreciate going to church with my mom and dad, 
especially since I don't get to do it as often any more.

Right now at work sometimes I get to spend my day creating fake concert posters 
for a fake band called "Steel Falcon". I love random assignments like this.

And now, possibly the best sketch of 2012 so far...
This is me blow-drying my hair at the kitchen counter while watching the six-hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. It was a fantastic evening. But I didn't start watching until after six, so there was no time to spare. I couldn't afford to pause the movie to go dry my hair, or I would be up 'til one in the morning. So instead, I brought the blow-dryer into the kitchen and dried my hair during non-dialogue scenes.

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  1. Seriously, the best version of Pride and Prejudice ever... On a separate note, have you checked out Downton Abbey yet? I am kind of obsessed... (-AML)

    1. I watched EVERY EPISODE of Downton Abbey this weekend! I loooooove it! Thank you so much for encouraging me to watch it. Now I'm obsessed. I'll probably be speaking with a British accent by the time I come visit.


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