Guess Who!

7:45 AM

Look at these cute little characters! They are part of a brochure that I got to help create. I did very little, really. I drew some simple cartoony character sketches, and then my coworker Greg Lookerse colored them and designed the poster they're being used for. Now, normally when I draw anything, I want to do it all myself. No teamwork where I draw something and hand it off to be colored by somebody else. Maybe I have trust issues. Well, art-trust-issues, at least. But coloring is my least favorite part, so I agreed to do illustrations-only and let Greg color them in. And I was so happy I did! I love the finished product. Not to mention, I now use his shading techniques (like how the girl's shirt is two shades of green) whenever I color in my own cartoons. It's like he brought my characters to life, and he showed me how to shade properly. Win-win.
I gave Greg these sketches and then he made them wonderful and colorful! 
And I didn't have to do any of the hard parts!
So maybe teamwork isn't so bad.
It might just be the best thing ever.

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