Face in the Clouds

7:47 AM

This is a follow-up post with the stencil that I made last week. 
I decided I wanted to add it to my spray-paint wall, so I did. In a cloud. 
I had to paint something dark behind it so that the white paint would show, and I thought a cloud was a good solution. Don't mind the raccoon playing next to it. It happens.

The wall's getting pretty busy! I like it!

Like all good stencils, the cloud was cut out of a giant 'N Sync birthday card:

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  1. Love your stencil work... So, I think something like this: http://s3-ec.buzzfed.com/static/imagebuzz/terminal01/2011/5/20/15/peter-pans-shadow-painted-on-a-bedroom-wall-426-1305918188-26.jpg or this: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-SlkEFEVUryA/Thbf-NGhdOI/AAAAAAAAAAs/GxYSPQLM5BM/s1600/peter+pan+3.jpg (minus the Tinkerbell) should be your next piece. :) Miss you! - AML

    1. I LOVE the one that looks like Peter Pan's shadow on the wall/ceiling! I would SERIOUSLY consider making that for my house one day.

    2. Also, I love that we're both AML. :)


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