Character Building

7:55 AM

If you've been reading my blog for any decent amount of time, you may have noticed by now that I'm kind of a copycat. Not in a bad way - it's actually one of my favorite things about myself. When I see something artsy and cool, I typically think "I want to make one!" and I attempt to create one of my own. But it's more than just drawing. Watching a 30 Rock marathon? I'm dreaming up my own sitcom. Cool wooden carvings? Suddenly I'm whittling. Banksy documentary? I'm spray-painting my office hallways. So right now, when I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy, I find myself planning my own novel. It's ridiculous. It's not like I'm actually going to write a novel. But the brainstorming phase has always been my favorite creative phase, so I like to let it pan out.

When I was a kid I liked to write stories...but what I really liked was brainstorming story ideas, naming all the characters, and drawing the cover. Most of the time I wouldn't get any farther than that - I would get bored and start brainstorming my next "book". I haven't changed all that much since my adolescence. I've been brainstorming novel plot ideas, scrawling out lists of character names like it's really important, and now I'm drawing the characters. It will never get any further than this, but I'm showing you anyway...mainly because I don't have anything else artsy to post today.

My old boss (ex-boss, not elderly boss) once asked me what I spend most of my time
thinking about during the day. I immediately had two thoughts:
1. I knew the answer was this stuff. I spend all my time thinking about this kind of stuff.
...and 2, This can't possibly be what everyone else spends their time thinking about.
I still don't know what the "right" answer is to that question.
But this is where my head is at most of the time, for better or for worse...
Creating something. Or at least brainstorming about it.

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