Billy Graham

7:47 AM

Last week I had an idea. Actually, a friend sort of suggested it to me, but I liked it and decided to try it out. He suggested that I use a really old picture and then take a new photo in the same spot as the old photo, then split the photos down the middle and put them together (don't feel bad if this isn't making sense yet. I don't know how to describe it well.) So I started thinking about what old photos I could get my hands on that were taken in a place that I could go to and recreate...and I could only think of one option: an old photo from when Billy Graham spoke at Forest Home in 1967. It was the only photo I could find that I had access to, as well as having access to the location the photo was taken. I scurried up to the rock where it still stands by the lake and took a picture of myself by the rock. Then I merged it together with Billy:
It's not a perfect match, not a perfect angle, but it is the same rock in both pictures.
In all seriousness, I have a great deal of respect for Billy Graham and his life's work.

This is a photo from that day in 1967, and I actually get very sentimental at the sight of it:
The rock is still in that same spot. It makes me feel like I've touched a part of history.

(Also, it should be mentioned that Billy does not appreciate it when you take a call while he's speaking.)

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