7:45 AM

This is sort of a follow-up of this post, where I drew houses for humans that looked like birdhouses.
So today, I drew houses for birds that look like human houses.

I call it Subirdia. Get it? Like suburbs for birds? Suburbia? Subirdia.
Oh, and happy leap day!


Face in the Clouds

7:47 AM

This is a follow-up post with the stencil that I made last week. 
I decided I wanted to add it to my spray-paint wall, so I did. In a cloud. 
I had to paint something dark behind it so that the white paint would show, and I thought a cloud was a good solution. Don't mind the raccoon playing next to it. It happens.

The wall's getting pretty busy! I like it!

Like all good stencils, the cloud was cut out of a giant 'N Sync birthday card:

Oh My

Knock Yourself Out

7:53 AM

Here's a silly sketch to start out the week.
I drew this in my "Walls" sketchbook (it's been a while!) so the blue wall and door were already there. I just drew the six-limbed guy. He's got three arms and three legs, and I don't know why this is what I started to draw today. I started with his ear and jawline, and I could feel myself falling into the habitual rut of doodling cute boys all the I felt like I had to spice things up and make it not-a-cute-boy. That's what we've got here. Mission accomplished.


My Week in Sketches

7:46 AM

Watching the Survivor season premiere with my housemates! 
I seriously miss that show when it's on hiatus.

Spent the weekend at my parents' house, which was wonderful. Group hugs for all!

My parents and I watched a Hercule Poirot mystery, 
which we haven't done since I was a lot younger. It made me so happy. Like seeing an old friend.

Sometimes I just appreciate going to church with my mom and dad, 
especially since I don't get to do it as often any more.

Right now at work sometimes I get to spend my day creating fake concert posters 
for a fake band called "Steel Falcon". I love random assignments like this.

And now, possibly the best sketch of 2012 so far...
This is me blow-drying my hair at the kitchen counter while watching the six-hour BBC version of Pride & Prejudice. It was a fantastic evening. But I didn't start watching until after six, so there was no time to spare. I couldn't afford to pause the movie to go dry my hair, or I would be up 'til one in the morning. So instead, I brought the blow-dryer into the kitchen and dried my hair during non-dialogue scenes.

Character Building

7:55 AM

If you've been reading my blog for any decent amount of time, you may have noticed by now that I'm kind of a copycat. Not in a bad way - it's actually one of my favorite things about myself. When I see something artsy and cool, I typically think "I want to make one!" and I attempt to create one of my own. But it's more than just drawing. Watching a 30 Rock marathon? I'm dreaming up my own sitcom. Cool wooden carvings? Suddenly I'm whittling. Banksy documentary? I'm spray-painting my office hallways. So right now, when I'm obsessed with the Hunger Games trilogy, I find myself planning my own novel. It's ridiculous. It's not like I'm actually going to write a novel. But the brainstorming phase has always been my favorite creative phase, so I like to let it pan out.

When I was a kid I liked to write stories...but what I really liked was brainstorming story ideas, naming all the characters, and drawing the cover. Most of the time I wouldn't get any farther than that - I would get bored and start brainstorming my next "book". I haven't changed all that much since my adolescence. I've been brainstorming novel plot ideas, scrawling out lists of character names like it's really important, and now I'm drawing the characters. It will never get any further than this, but I'm showing you anyway...mainly because I don't have anything else artsy to post today.

My old boss (ex-boss, not elderly boss) once asked me what I spend most of my time
thinking about during the day. I immediately had two thoughts:
1. I knew the answer was this stuff. I spend all my time thinking about this kind of stuff.
...and 2, This can't possibly be what everyone else spends their time thinking about.
I still don't know what the "right" answer is to that question.
But this is where my head is at most of the time, for better or for worse...
Creating something. Or at least brainstorming about it.


Jesus Stencil

7:50 AM

This is the latest stencil I've been working with. I love the simplicity of it. It's such an easy stencil to use.
I admit I copied the design from an image I found online, but I love the result when it's spray-painted.

  I didn't mean for this one to get quite so drippy, but I got a little carried away.
I sprayed these on a picnic table on a hill in my backyard, which is slanted so the paint dripped a little crooked.


Family Fringe

7:45 AM

As I said yesterday, I've been watching the last few episodes of "Fringe" at my parents' house, and having them as an audience makes me a little extra-aware of how ridiculous it sounds to describe the plot to someone who hasn't seen it. My dad is a particularly grounded-in-reality sort of fellow, so when I start describing crazy sci-fi plot lines, I tend to lose his interest quickly...but he's a good sport.


Fringe Friends

7:49 AM

I'm so into the show "Fringe" right now! I have LOVED the last few episodes. 
Today I decided to draw the main characters in honor of their awesomeness.
It's been funny because I watched the past few episodes at my parents' house with my mom and dad (who don't normally watch the show), and trying to explain the show to them at commercial breaks made me realize just how complicated this show is to follow. I mean, it's worth it, but it made for some pretty fun conversations with my parents using the words "parallel universe" and "shapeshifters"...extra points go to my mom, who I think could actually describe the basic plot of Fringe right now if she had to.


My Week in Sketches

7:50 AM

Last week provided some very un-stressful days, despite this being a busy time of year.

I love when I'm at my parents' house and my mom makes me coffee in the morning.
This is supposed to look like I'm sipping the coffee, not like I'm trying to hide under the table or something.

Catching up and taking a lovely stroll...

Periodontist telling me he wasn't going to have to pull my tooth out = biggest sigh of relief I've ever sighed.

I went to Panera with my mom and some of her friends, and then their acapella group friends showed up and sang us Valentine's Day songs in the middle of the restaurant. Don't get me wrong, they sounded wonderful...but did I mention they were singing in the middle of the restaurant?


Draw Like Nobody's Watching

7:56 AM

Yesterday I was thinking about all the art classes I used to take in school, and all the silly exercises we had to do in them. One that I always enjoyed was drawing pictures without looking. It never turns out right, but I like that the distorted drawings are something I probably wouldn't be able to produce if I was looking. So I decided to draw a few for old times' sake, without looking at the paper as I was drawing.

Guess Who!

7:45 AM

Look at these cute little characters! They are part of a brochure that I got to help create. I did very little, really. I drew some simple cartoony character sketches, and then my coworker Greg Lookerse colored them and designed the poster they're being used for. Now, normally when I draw anything, I want to do it all myself. No teamwork where I draw something and hand it off to be colored by somebody else. Maybe I have trust issues. Well, art-trust-issues, at least. But coloring is my least favorite part, so I agreed to do illustrations-only and let Greg color them in. And I was so happy I did! I love the finished product. Not to mention, I now use his shading techniques (like how the girl's shirt is two shades of green) whenever I color in my own cartoons. It's like he brought my characters to life, and he showed me how to shade properly. Win-win.
I gave Greg these sketches and then he made them wonderful and colorful! 
And I didn't have to do any of the hard parts!
So maybe teamwork isn't so bad.
It might just be the best thing ever.


Anna Howard Shaw Day

7:55 AM

Ahhh, February 14th. We meet again.
I'm celebrating Valentine's Day by lying on a couch all day with an icepack on my cheek.
Because yesterday I had dental surgery, and today I'm recuperating. Coincidentally, I realized that I went to the dentist on Valentine's Day last year. I only remember this fact because I remember thinking it was cool that 30 Rock's Liz Lemon also went to the dentist on Valentine's Day one year. So apparently this is my new tradition, and one that I think Liz would approve of. In the episode, Liz insists on telling everyone that they should be celebrating "Anna Howard Shaw Day" (Shaw was a leader of the women's suffrage movement) instead of Valentine's Day. This is, of course, ridiculous...but if I ever see Liz Lemon in the dentist office on Valentine's Day, I'm pretty sure this is going to be my opening line.


Rainbow Rain

7:45 AM

This is the latest stencil I've spraypainted on my office wall
It went like something this:

I was hoping the paint would be drippier than it was. 
I was using coffee stirrer straws to get the paint on the wall, and it was not a cooperative process.

The spraypaint wall is getting pretty lively:

The best part (and really, I mean the very best part) is that the girl/umbrella stencil was cut out of an oversized 'N Sync birthday card I've had in my room at my parents' house since I was in high school.


My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

 A few sketches from my days last week: 

I spent most of Superbowl Sunday visiting friends, eating great salad, 
and listening to the Hunger Games audiobook as I drove home. It was fantastic. 

A typical dinner with my housemates: 

My friend got engaged!
I don't know why I felt the need to draw the coffee cup in her hand,
but she was holding a cup of coffee when I first saw the ring, so I guess it had to be included.

This is me, driving anywhere and everywhere I could think of, 
just so I could listen to more of the Hunger Games audiobook in my car:
Tomorrow I have a 2.5 hour drive and I can hardly wait! 
The second Hunger Games audiobook is beckoning!


The Hunger Games

7:59 AM

Boy, I kept hearing people talking about "The Hunger Games" book trilogy, and I couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. I read the books' descriptions and they didn't entice me. But last weekend I knew I had a two-hour car ride on Saturday and another two-hour car ride on Sunday, and that's a perfect audiobook storm. I've become rather addicted to audiobooks, perfect for long car rides, and now that's how I want to read every book. (So just when I thought I couldn't get any lazier, I make the decision that I won't read a book unless someone is reading it to me. Fantastic.) Once I got into the first Hunger Games book, I realized it was my kind of story. Come on, a girl running around a forest climbing trees with a bow and arrow? That's my kind of heroine. I'm into it. And I can't help but picture myself up in those trees...


7:36 AM

Today's drawing was inspired by a friend of mine who casually mentioned that she rode her pet cow once.
I was taken aback first by the thought that anyone actually has a pet cow, and then I found myself blurting out "Why don't people ride cows more often?" I was asking this for real. Not mocking. Suddenly it seemed like such a logical mode of transportation. My friend explained something about how cows aren't built for that sort of thing, but I still couldn't shake the idea that, at some point, people must have tried it out to see what kind speed and dependability you could get riding a cow...and I wager it would have looked something like this.

Billy Graham

7:47 AM

Last week I had an idea. Actually, a friend sort of suggested it to me, but I liked it and decided to try it out. He suggested that I use a really old picture and then take a new photo in the same spot as the old photo, then split the photos down the middle and put them together (don't feel bad if this isn't making sense yet. I don't know how to describe it well.) So I started thinking about what old photos I could get my hands on that were taken in a place that I could go to and recreate...and I could only think of one option: an old photo from when Billy Graham spoke at Forest Home in 1967. It was the only photo I could find that I had access to, as well as having access to the location the photo was taken. I scurried up to the rock where it still stands by the lake and took a picture of myself by the rock. Then I merged it together with Billy:
It's not a perfect match, not a perfect angle, but it is the same rock in both pictures.
In all seriousness, I have a great deal of respect for Billy Graham and his life's work.

This is a photo from that day in 1967, and I actually get very sentimental at the sight of it:
The rock is still in that same spot. It makes me feel like I've touched a part of history.

(Also, it should be mentioned that Billy does not appreciate it when you take a call while he's speaking.)

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