7:56 AM

Do you ever just stare at people's toes? I sure do. Toes are funny-looking in general. But sometimes I see people with such crazy toes that I have to stop and wonder if they're aware that they have weird feet. Whenever I'm reading through a silly celebrity magazine, I love to look at the celebrities' feet. It makes them seem more human to me, especially when they have weird, gnarly toes (there's a reason we invented shoes, people.)

So I thought it would be fun to draw out all the different kinds of toes I could think of. Like a periodic table of toes. These are just the little nuances I've noticed on different feet over the years and the names I've come up with for them. I think the one that weirds me out the most is what I call "Fingertoes," which is when someone has really long toes that look like they're practically fingers. Like, you're wondering how many words per minute those toes could type with. "Hairy Knuckles" is also a pretty unfortunate toe plight. But toes are toes, right? There's no right or wrong, I suppose. Feet are weird-looking! But at least now we can categorize them. 

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