Stenciling Henrietta

7:56 AM

This is Henrietta Mears, Forest Home's founder. 
I'm pretty grateful to her, since I've had a lot of pretty great, meaningful experiences at Forest Home throughout my life. I thought the most appropriate way to repay her would be to make a stencil of her face, am I right?

It took a lot of work (I found a photo, altered it in photoshop to be stencil-able, printed it, copied it onto a transparency sheet, then cut out the part that needed to be removed) but this is probably the most proud I've been of anything in a long time. I just never would have thought her face would come out so clear! I was doing a lot of victory-dancing after this, and throwing my fists in the air triumphantly like Rocky.

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  1. We've been waiting for Henrietta to make her appearance! Congratulations - Mears Mom


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