Spray Painting Henrietta Spray Painting

7:44 AM

This is the newest addition to the spray paint wall in my office.

 Henrietta's doing some tagging.
Here's how it went down:

Because I'm tagging the inside of my office building, I try to tape everything off and make sure I don't get spray paint everywhere around my stencils. So it's not quite as care-free as common street-tagging. Is that even what it's called? Street tagging? Me talking about street tagging is like when elderly people talk about tweeting or "the interwebs".
   I also added a paper version of the stencil hanging behind my door.
Behind my door is apparently where I keep my "tagged things" and used stencils. 
Henrietta will watch over them for me.

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  1. LOVE IT!! (although I think I see Henrietta raising an eyebrow.....) street-tagging mom

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