Sketch Journal Snapshots

7:53 AM

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned my new journal and how I'm going to try to sketch-journal 2012. I thought I should show you my progress so far. I know you've been wondering. 
So here we go. Just a quick snapshot from some of my days...

This was after my friend Angela stayed with us for five days and we stayed up until 1am or 2am every night then after she left, I was in bed by 8:30pm the next night to catch up on sleep! I'm a real party animal:

I live with my friends and their two little girls, and I love when they want to play. This particular day resulted in Addie climbing onto my legs and pretending I was a tree and she was a koala bear (she originally wanted to be a possum but her mom and I convinced her they're yucky.) I like recording ordinary moments like this.

Sometimes I spend my evenings cutting spray paint stencils by the fire (doesn't everyone?):

My coworker brought her puppy to work for a day and I fell in LOVE with this dog. 
It was most definitely the highlight of my day:

And do I even need to explain what was the most wonderful thing about yesterday?
30 Rock is back, people! Tina Fey, Liz Lemon, laughter. At long last! Definitely sketchworthy.

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  1. I like seeing your daily sketches. It's kinda like those 365 photo posts people are into doing. It's cool to see into people's lives. I think that's where the real living happens.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully there will be many, many more...


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