Ron Burgundy

7:52 AM

You may or may not know who this man is. But you ought to.
This is Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell in the movie Anchorman.
It's one of my favorite movies and probably my favorite comedy, just edging out Date Night and Spiceworld (which is a comedy on every level). But Anchorman takes the cake. It's one of the most quotable movies in my day-to-day life ("I love lamp", "I'm not even mad! That's amazing!", "That escalated quickly..." to name a few.) Even right now, it's hard for me to stop quoting and move on...Not only is Anchorman quotable, but it's also constantly poking fun at the news, which I love. I just think "the news" in general takes itself so seriously and I like that Anchorman takes it down a peg. I created this version of Ron Burgundy in the style of street-art-genius Shepard Fairey, or at least that's what I was going for. I might have to make this into some posters and paste them all over town to remind everyone to "stay classy". 

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  1. Somehow Will Ferrell needs to see this. It would totally make you famous :)

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