My Week in Sketches

7:52 AM

Here's a look back at the week I've had.
There was spray-paint, snot, sudoku, and certainly lots of sketching...

I had dinner with some friends that I never get to see often enough:

I spray-painted someone on my office wall:

Yet again, the most exciting part of my day was when I got to dogsit my coworker's puppy:

I got REALLY sick last weekend. I've never used that much kleenex in my life: 

I got to recuperate at my parents' house. This is me with my mom. 
I'm doing a sudoku puzzle with a kleenex box at my side:

My family watched the football playoffs on Sunday. 
I root for the team with the cutest quarterback.

Then I had to go to the dentist. I learned that one of my teeth is sort of eating itself from the inside out. 
But on a positive note, my dentist says I have "really neat" teeth roots.

On Tuesday I was reminded that it only takes one 20-minute exercise video
to make every muscle in my body really sore. 

 On Wednesday my friend and I did a puzzle while watching sitcom reruns.
It was divine. I'm secretly really into puzzles.

Last night I played a trivia game with friends and I kept almost talking myself out of the correct answer.
My highlight of the evening was when I correctly knew the singer of the song "No More Drama" because I remembered the 30 Rock quote where Jack says "As my good friend and fox hunting partner, Mary J. Blige would say, 'No More Drama.'" It was a personal victory.

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  1. I made the post!! Love when I make it into a drawing, and you are my favorite trivia partner!

  2. Go team! What we lacked in trivia knowledge, we made up for with morale. Last night was very fun indeed!

  3. and my new LaZBoy made the blog! bad=back-mama

  4. Love how you did Sarah's hands and Meghan's hair :) It's the little details that make everything so awesome!

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