Cartoon Us

7:47 AM

This is my dear friend Laura (on the left) and me. At New Year's we had a little photo booth set up and we took a bunch of silly photos that I love, and I felt like trying to recreate one of the pictures in Illustrator. Now we're cartoons! It's a little silly that I chose to cartoon us not smiling, but I kind of like how Laura's "tough" face turned out. I mean, she's holding a gun in the photo, after all. Don't worry, it's just a bb rifle. But we did figure out later that it was cocked and loaded when she had it pointed at my face. 

I created this last night with Laura's 4-year-old on my lap, and at first I thought it was kind of cool that she wanted to watch me draw (she's really into art right now) but then all she wanted was for me to make my face pink. Make my hair pink. Now make Laura's face pink. Now make my hair purple...She wanted us to be one giant paint-by-number-without-numbers. But she approved of the final project, even without any pink hair. She was especially fond of the tiaras, as am I.

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