Baby Fight Club

7:43 AM

Okay, hear me out - I know that fighting babies is not a laughing matter. Toddlers with black eyes are not to be joked about. But my 2-year-old friend Olivia woke up with a black eye a few days ago and won't tell her parents how she got it. We suspect that she may have stood on her bed in the dark and hit a shelf...or the only other logical explanation is that she's in a baby fight club. This is the chattiest toddler I've ever encountered, and she won't explain to anyone how she got the black eye? She must be sworn to secrecy because she's in a baby fight club.

First off, Olivia's parents are wonderful and responsible and black eyes are not a regular occurrence. 
I doubt Olivia is actually in a baby fight club, but if she is, my money's on her.
Yes, I realize Olivia is a toddler and not a baby, but I think "Baby Fight Club" sounds better. 
Also, I've never actually seen the movie Fight Club because I'm a all my light-hearted joking about baby fight clubs is probably due to my lack of fight club knowledge. I'm picturing toddlers throwing stuffed animals at each other - is that not what happened to Edward Norton?

Aaaaanyway, this whole post originated as we were discussing Olivia's mysterious* black eye and sarcastically decided she must be in a fight club, and then someone said I should draw it. So I did. Don't call child protective services (Call your bookie instead and put $20 on the chatty 2-year-old for the win!)

*not actually mysterious.

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  1. Best thing I've seen all week! So proud to be related to her...go Livy!


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