Are You An Other?

7:54 AM

 Sorry y’all, this one’s only going to make sense if you’ve watched the TV series “Lost.”
(And even then, it’s kind of a stretch.)

I’m just still so infatuated with the idea of turning classic children’s books into…anything else, really. I like mutating them. You wouldn’t believe how much of my days have been spent brainstorming how I can turn “The Giving Tree” into Harry Potter or how I could draw “Where the Wild Lord of the Rings Are.” Or something like that. It’s harder to think of than I think it should be. So I keep trying. Today’s post is a little obscure - it’s a reference to Lost, featuring Walt and a polar bear. A group of people on Lost are referred to as “The Others,” and that’s about as much as I’m going to explain here without getting too spoilery.

The original:

 My only other idea for this book was a James Bond spoof book called “Are You my Lover?” (you know, because he has so many lady-friends), but I generally try to keep this blog g-rated so I went with Walt and the polar bear instead. Also, to quote Liz Lemon: "The word 'lovers' bums me out unless it's between 'meat' and 'pizza'."

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  1. Thanks! It's been fun to work on this stuff.


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