Ron Burgundy

7:52 AM

You may or may not know who this man is. But you ought to.
This is Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell in the movie Anchorman.
It's one of my favorite movies and probably my favorite comedy, just edging out Date Night and Spiceworld (which is a comedy on every level). But Anchorman takes the cake. It's one of the most quotable movies in my day-to-day life ("I love lamp", "I'm not even mad! That's amazing!", "That escalated quickly..." to name a few.) Even right now, it's hard for me to stop quoting and move on...Not only is Anchorman quotable, but it's also constantly poking fun at the news, which I love. I just think "the news" in general takes itself so seriously and I like that Anchorman takes it down a peg. I created this version of Ron Burgundy in the style of street-art-genius Shepard Fairey, or at least that's what I was going for. I might have to make this into some posters and paste them all over town to remind everyone to "stay classy". 


Little Piggies

7:48 AM

     This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed home.
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home...

I decided to illustrate this nursery rhyme today. It doesn't really make sense when all the pigs are connected on a foot. I mean, if one pig goes to market, they all go to market, right? So really, I don't think there's very much logic to this nursery rhyme (as opposed to all the other logical, fact-filled nursery rhymes...) As a kid I always felt bad for the little piggy who had no roast beef. I mean, how sad is it to be characterized by something you didn't do? But now I think the idea of pigs eating roast beef is kind of gross. It's just a few pastures away from cannibalism, you know? It seems a little close to home. As in, wee wee wee all the way home.


My Week in Sketches

7:52 AM

Here's a look back at the week I've had.
There was spray-paint, snot, sudoku, and certainly lots of sketching...

I had dinner with some friends that I never get to see often enough:

I spray-painted someone on my office wall:

Yet again, the most exciting part of my day was when I got to dogsit my coworker's puppy:

I got REALLY sick last weekend. I've never used that much kleenex in my life: 

I got to recuperate at my parents' house. This is me with my mom. 
I'm doing a sudoku puzzle with a kleenex box at my side:

My family watched the football playoffs on Sunday. 
I root for the team with the cutest quarterback.

Then I had to go to the dentist. I learned that one of my teeth is sort of eating itself from the inside out. 
But on a positive note, my dentist says I have "really neat" teeth roots.

On Tuesday I was reminded that it only takes one 20-minute exercise video
to make every muscle in my body really sore. 

 On Wednesday my friend and I did a puzzle while watching sitcom reruns.
It was divine. I'm secretly really into puzzles.

Last night I played a trivia game with friends and I kept almost talking myself out of the correct answer.
My highlight of the evening was when I correctly knew the singer of the song "No More Drama" because I remembered the 30 Rock quote where Jack says "As my good friend and fox hunting partner, Mary J. Blige would say, 'No More Drama.'" It was a personal victory.


Treehouses: The Sequel

8:13 AM

Everyone loves a good sequel, right? Today is kind of like a sequel.
Hopefully it's the good kind. Not like "The Sting II" or "Speed 2: Cruise Control" or "Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde." After yesterday's post, I decided I should spruce up the drawing with some color, so that's just what I did. This is like a remixed version of yesterday's post. Or an aftershock. Or a sequel. 



7:58 AM

I've always wanted a treehouse. When I was a kid, I wanted the typical treehouse fort with a tire swing in the backyard. Now that I'm older, I've graduated to a more modern treehouse dream - the dream of having a legit, actual, real house in the trees (tire swing still included. And there needs to be a rope ladder somewhere.) I know it's never going to happen, but I love looking online and in books at crazy big treehouses that people have built. They make my imagination happy.

Today I drew some treehouses. I made them look like little bird houses. 
But they're for people. And maybe tomorrow I should draw birds that live in suburban tract housing.


Tina Fey, the Dentist, and Me

7:54 AM

I had to go to the dentist yesterday, and I'm still a little grumpy about it. I have a dull, aching pain lingering from where I had to get anesthesia shots, or whatever you call the shots that numb your mouth and tongue and half your throat and make you feel like your cheeks are ginormous. (Side note: I always kind of assumed "ginormous" was a made-up word, like when people say "absitively" to be clever...but it's not. Spell-check accepts it. Weird, right?) And this is the second time in two months that I've been to the dentist, and BOTH times, my dentist has seen something in my mouth and said "Huh, I've never seen that before!" Let me tell you, when I'm sitting in a dentist chair with my mouth pried open like I'm in the torture scene of a horror movie, that is the last thing I want to hear. (Although I guess I can't help it if I just have really interesting teeth...) Anyway, the point of all this is - well, I guess there is no point. Except that I wanted to sort of explain why I'm not going to explain why I decided to draw a cartoon of Tina Fey today. Do I really need a reason? I think I've proved I'm in the hypothetical Tina Fey fan club by this point. And to channel her alter-ego Liz Lemon, I'll just say yesterday was a real "Blerg!" of a day and I'll leave it at that.

Tight Ends

7:46 AM

This is the conversation I have in my head with football players every time I watch a football game. 
These are grown men. And they're wearing spandex. I'm never quite used to it.


Spray Painting Henrietta Spray Painting

7:44 AM

This is the newest addition to the spray paint wall in my office.

 Henrietta's doing some tagging.
Here's how it went down:

Because I'm tagging the inside of my office building, I try to tape everything off and make sure I don't get spray paint everywhere around my stencils. So it's not quite as care-free as common street-tagging. Is that even what it's called? Street tagging? Me talking about street tagging is like when elderly people talk about tweeting or "the interwebs".
   I also added a paper version of the stencil hanging behind my door.
Behind my door is apparently where I keep my "tagged things" and used stencils. 
Henrietta will watch over them for me.

Stenciling Henrietta

7:56 AM

This is Henrietta Mears, Forest Home's founder. 
I'm pretty grateful to her, since I've had a lot of pretty great, meaningful experiences at Forest Home throughout my life. I thought the most appropriate way to repay her would be to make a stencil of her face, am I right?

It took a lot of work (I found a photo, altered it in photoshop to be stencil-able, printed it, copied it onto a transparency sheet, then cut out the part that needed to be removed) but this is probably the most proud I've been of anything in a long time. I just never would have thought her face would come out so clear! I was doing a lot of victory-dancing after this, and throwing my fists in the air triumphantly like Rocky.


This Week

8:00 AM

It's been a good week. Winter camp has started up at the camp where I work, which means lots of hustling and bustling but also some really great moments and games and visitors and campers. I work late most Fridays, but then this Saturday I went shopping at the outlet mall with my housemates and it was so fun. Cute little household shopping trip. Then we got to visit our friends on Sunday and Monday, which was so great because it's been sooooo long since we've all hung out. It's not important to understand the text I wrote in the dialogue bubble in the top-right cartoon...all that I wanted to remember is that, with some friends, you can be apart for months and then pick up right where you left off when you see each other again. And I like having friends like that.


7:41 AM

Most of the time, I'd say imagination is a good thing. A great thing, even. 
But sometimes, I think it can be a bit of a nuisance. It can get out of hand.
Take this street sign, for example:

I see it all the time on my way to and from my house.
Except when I see it, this is what I'm always picturing in my head:
Someone taking a leak. It's a bit crude, I know...but this is what imagination does. I see things that no one else sees. At least I hope no one else sees this. There shouldn't be more than one of us running around visualizing this on merge signs. 


Cartoon Sean

7:58 AM

This is a drawing I did of Sean Connery in Adobe Illustrator, which I've been really into this week. 
Also, I've been really into Sean Connery for, like, a couple decades. 
I remember being younger and trying over and over again to draw him and it never looked right. It makes drawings like this feel like a victory. I mean, it looks enough like him to make me happy. 12-year-old me would have been pretty proud. 


Sketch Journal Snapshots

7:53 AM

A couple weeks ago, I mentioned my new journal and how I'm going to try to sketch-journal 2012. I thought I should show you my progress so far. I know you've been wondering. 
So here we go. Just a quick snapshot from some of my days...

This was after my friend Angela stayed with us for five days and we stayed up until 1am or 2am every night then after she left, I was in bed by 8:30pm the next night to catch up on sleep! I'm a real party animal:

I live with my friends and their two little girls, and I love when they want to play. This particular day resulted in Addie climbing onto my legs and pretending I was a tree and she was a koala bear (she originally wanted to be a possum but her mom and I convinced her they're yucky.) I like recording ordinary moments like this.

Sometimes I spend my evenings cutting spray paint stencils by the fire (doesn't everyone?):

My coworker brought her puppy to work for a day and I fell in LOVE with this dog. 
It was most definitely the highlight of my day:

And do I even need to explain what was the most wonderful thing about yesterday?
30 Rock is back, people! Tina Fey, Liz Lemon, laughter. At long last! Definitely sketchworthy.


Cartoon Us

7:47 AM

This is my dear friend Laura (on the left) and me. At New Year's we had a little photo booth set up and we took a bunch of silly photos that I love, and I felt like trying to recreate one of the pictures in Illustrator. Now we're cartoons! It's a little silly that I chose to cartoon us not smiling, but I kind of like how Laura's "tough" face turned out. I mean, she's holding a gun in the photo, after all. Don't worry, it's just a bb rifle. But we did figure out later that it was cocked and loaded when she had it pointed at my face. 

I created this last night with Laura's 4-year-old on my lap, and at first I thought it was kind of cool that she wanted to watch me draw (she's really into art right now) but then all she wanted was for me to make my face pink. Make my hair pink. Now make Laura's face pink. Now make my hair purple...She wanted us to be one giant paint-by-number-without-numbers. But she approved of the final project, even without any pink hair. She was especially fond of the tiaras, as am I.

Baby Fight Club

7:43 AM

Okay, hear me out - I know that fighting babies is not a laughing matter. Toddlers with black eyes are not to be joked about. But my 2-year-old friend Olivia woke up with a black eye a few days ago and won't tell her parents how she got it. We suspect that she may have stood on her bed in the dark and hit a shelf...or the only other logical explanation is that she's in a baby fight club. This is the chattiest toddler I've ever encountered, and she won't explain to anyone how she got the black eye? She must be sworn to secrecy because she's in a baby fight club.

First off, Olivia's parents are wonderful and responsible and black eyes are not a regular occurrence. 
I doubt Olivia is actually in a baby fight club, but if she is, my money's on her.
Yes, I realize Olivia is a toddler and not a baby, but I think "Baby Fight Club" sounds better. 
Also, I've never actually seen the movie Fight Club because I'm a all my light-hearted joking about baby fight clubs is probably due to my lack of fight club knowledge. I'm picturing toddlers throwing stuffed animals at each other - is that not what happened to Edward Norton?

Aaaaanyway, this whole post originated as we were discussing Olivia's mysterious* black eye and sarcastically decided she must be in a fight club, and then someone said I should draw it. So I did. Don't call child protective services (Call your bookie instead and put $20 on the chatty 2-year-old for the win!)

*not actually mysterious.


7:59 AM

 This is an updated version of a family portrait I started last it includes the newest family member! My friends Josh and Heather adopted a precious little girl named Truly. In fact, the day I posted the original family portrait of them was the day we found out they'd be adopting her. So it was like the portrait was outdated as soon as it was completed! But Josh had the idea of completing it and surprising Heather for Christmas, and that's just what we did. 

Hairy Potter

7:58 AM

Today I drew a HAIRY POTTER! Wordplay!
Looks like someone was cursed with a hair-thickening charm, eh?
My favorite part is the potter's wheel because I have no idea what they actually look like. Maybe I'm close. I originally drew the potter with a cigarette in his mouth (because he seems like a dirty hairy hippie) but then it just made me think of Jesus with a cigarette and it seemed wrong. And you probably didn't notice, but I technically should have drawn an additional rung on the stool - on the back side, to match the lower rung on the front side - but I overlooked it at the time and now it makes me crazy. (Just a little insight into the decidedly odd parts of my life where I'm inexplicably a perfectionist. Stool rungs? Really? she did.

7:21 AM

As you may know, lately I've been pretty into using wood as a canvas.
Today's post is no exception - I used pen and watercolor to create this little guy, and enjoyed myself along the way. I was happy that the abstract colors turned out kind of cloudy, like a sunset, and it also seemed to enhance the wood grain. The quote is one that I've heard before and always liked. She believed she could, so she did. Simple as that!


7:56 AM

Do you ever just stare at people's toes? I sure do. Toes are funny-looking in general. But sometimes I see people with such crazy toes that I have to stop and wonder if they're aware that they have weird feet. Whenever I'm reading through a silly celebrity magazine, I love to look at the celebrities' feet. It makes them seem more human to me, especially when they have weird, gnarly toes (there's a reason we invented shoes, people.)

So I thought it would be fun to draw out all the different kinds of toes I could think of. Like a periodic table of toes. These are just the little nuances I've noticed on different feet over the years and the names I've come up with for them. I think the one that weirds me out the most is what I call "Fingertoes," which is when someone has really long toes that look like they're practically fingers. Like, you're wondering how many words per minute those toes could type with. "Hairy Knuckles" is also a pretty unfortunate toe plight. But toes are toes, right? There's no right or wrong, I suppose. Feet are weird-looking! But at least now we can categorize them. 


8:04 AM

Lately it seems like everyone in the world loves Zooey Deschanel, and I'm the only one who's kind of on the fence. For starters, I still can't get past the fact that she spells her name "Zooey." I've never particularly liked her movie roles (whose idea was it to cast her as Jim Carrey's love interest in "Yes Man"?!), but now she's starring in the show "New Girl," which is the first time I've really given her a chance. I'm still warming up to her. Today I tried to draw her, but I think it looks more like Snow White.


Are You An Other?

7:54 AM

 Sorry y’all, this one’s only going to make sense if you’ve watched the TV series “Lost.”
(And even then, it’s kind of a stretch.)

I’m just still so infatuated with the idea of turning classic children’s books into…anything else, really. I like mutating them. You wouldn’t believe how much of my days have been spent brainstorming how I can turn “The Giving Tree” into Harry Potter or how I could draw “Where the Wild Lord of the Rings Are.” Or something like that. It’s harder to think of than I think it should be. So I keep trying. Today’s post is a little obscure - it’s a reference to Lost, featuring Walt and a polar bear. A group of people on Lost are referred to as “The Others,” and that’s about as much as I’m going to explain here without getting too spoilery.

The original:

 My only other idea for this book was a James Bond spoof book called “Are You my Lover?” (you know, because he has so many lady-friends), but I generally try to keep this blog g-rated so I went with Walt and the polar bear instead. Also, to quote Liz Lemon: "The word 'lovers' bums me out unless it's between 'meat' and 'pizza'."


2012 (the year, not the movie)

8:14 AM

It's 2012!
I feel like it doesn't have enough impact when you write out the numbers.
It's like we're living in the future or something. 
We should all be flying around on hoverboards by now.

In honor of the new year, I've decided to pick up a new sketch project.
Now, at no point in 2011 did I think "Hey, I haven't been drawing enough lately" but I thought this would be a really cool thing to attempt so I'm doing it anyway. My friend Heather recently gave me a sketch journal that's designed to be drawn in every day for a year. The pages are small so it seems manageable, and for someone like me this seemed like an ideal way to journal. I don't know if I'll really be able to keep it up, but I wanted to give it a go! Here's my first entry:
I definitely rang in the new year with Diet Coke in my hand...That's how I roll.

 It feels a bit ambitious to add this sketchbook to my plate, but I love the idea of showing this to my kids one day - "This is what your mom was like in 2012..." And I turn 30 this year! 

It seems like a worthy year to keep track of. 
So I will.

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