Sasquatch Buddy

7:40 AM

I have to tell you - I had the most amazing time at work last week. I got to dance in a music video about two sasquatches falling in love. YES. This is real, people. Before I get into it - is the plural for sasquatch really "sasquatches"? Because right now it's underlined for me like it's misspelled...but I guess it's the only viable option, right? Sasquatchi, like cacti, is too ridiculous. Aaaaanyway, I got to be a part of a music video we filmed for upcoming winter camps, and it was just so, so silly. There were a lot of g-rated dance moves and a couple of friends in sasquatch costumes. I pretty much just flailed around for the entire filming. It was such a good work day. And now I keep getting reminded of sasquatches whenever I see tall people or furry animals or bare feet. So I drew a sasquatch today.

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