Mattsquatch Crossing

7:33 AM

As you may recall, I posted a “Mattsquatch” drawing a few months ago.
It’s a drawing of my friend Matt as a sasquatch. Nothing unusual.
You know how it is, drawing your friends as mythical woodland creatures, right?
Since Mattsquatch has been known to appear out of the woods and startle people at any given time, I thought it would be best to create warning signs that alert people of spots that Mattsquatch likes to frequently visit. AND it’s an excuse to spray paint something again! I accidentally painted the black part way off-center, but I think it still gets the point across. I want to tag this all over the place. Mattsquatch crossing! Beware!
I felt like tagging more so I hit up a tree stump. It was not as successful, but it does seem more like what a sasquatch-tagging-job would look like. It’s sasquatch graffiti!

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