Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread: The Sequel

I know it might seem like kind of a cop-out to use gingerbread houses as my "art of the day" twice this week,  but I spent like four hours making gingerbread houses yesterday. It counts as my daily dose of art!

After my aunt's annual gingerbread house party, she always makes a few extra houses to give away at our church's food-share program, so some underprivileged families can have gingerbread houses at Christmas time. This year, I was on the candy-decorating team that cranked out the decorations for 15 extra gingerbread houses. Our instructions were to just get a bunch of candy on each house, but I couldn't help but add a few artsy flourishes...This first house didn't have much to brag about, but I liked how the roof turned out:

This house got a roof made of Nerds (frosting the roof and then dumping Nerds on top of it was nice and speedy). I made a tree and garden on one end of the house and tried to string some "Christmas lights" on the other end. 

Aaaaaand after a long day of candy-decorating (and candy-tasting...I have to sample my building materials, right?), today I go to the dentist, which seems right on schedule!



  1. That gingerbread house is looking down right tasty! We will definitely make one again even if Christmas is months away.

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