Curious Geordi

7:37 AM

A friend recently sent me this link to a website featuring well-known children's books that had been turned into sci-fi alternatives. It's pretty awesome. I barely even know what "Dune" is, but I still love the hypothetical cover for "Goodnight Dune" in place of "Goodnight Moon." It's so good! So clever! I like to copy clever things. On that note, I give you Curious Geordi:
It's Geordi La Forge from Star Trek! I love doing stuff like this.
I love combining two different known styles or characters or art into one combo-piece that looks familiar, but then you realize "Oh, hey - that's not George, it's Star Trek characters!" Really, it's just like when you think you're listening to the beginning of "Gangster's Paradise" and suddenly Weird Al is singing about harvesting grain! (Sometimes I miss the 90's.) I'm digressing. Here's the original Curious George cover that I copied:
And yes, I realize I gave the Star Trek dudes the wrong color outfits! I drew their characters in black and white originally. Then I went to color their outfits and I realized that I had just happened to pick the three guys that wear gold. Against a yellow background. A little too monotone for my taste, so I changed their outfits. Just pretend they were promoted from operations to medical, and Geordi is the new captain (and a curious one at that!)

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