The Bluths

7:59 AM

Lately I've been watching through some "Arrested Development" episodes, and now I can't get the Bluth family off my brain! I decided to take a stab at drawing caricatures of their characters. Some are definitely better than others, but I didn't feel like spending too much time on this "project". I was actually trying to test myself and see what I could come up with in quick, 30-second sketches of each character. I was surprised that Gob and George Michael seemed to be the most difficult...especially Gob! He's such a character! I apparently can't draw him at all. And Buster looks like such a creeper...normally I have a secret crush on Tony Hale, but not this version. I think my favorite might be mopey Tobias - I didn't mean to draw him looking so sad, but somehow it suits him. 

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