Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Raccoon (More like Rac-cool!)

Part of why I'm on such a street-art-kick is because I've been researching it for work-related stuff. I've been tasked with brainstorming and researching various aspects of street art, which I love. Looooove. So even at work, daydreaming about stencils and spray paint is allowed and even encouraged. As I was showing a coworker the latest stencil I'd created, he asked when I made it, and I told him I'd cut it out the night before while I was watching a movie. For some reason this stopped me in my tracks - I mean, not everyone spends their evening sitting by the fire watching a movie and cutting a raccoon out of a transparency sheet. Right? This is a unique hobby. I get it. And I don't mind. Today's wannabe-Banksy-stencil-of-the-day is a raccoon, a little buddy to go with yesterday's squirrel. I like him a lot.
The stencil I cut out of a transperency sheet, pre-paint:
 My favorite raccoon tag - an abandoned sink!: