Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Today's drawing is based on a word that was commonly used on my recent vacation: tromping.
When I get out into really pretty nature, I revert back to my ten-year-old self. I want to climb trees and jump around and play and leap and frolic. Picture a really excited terrier going for a walk. I want to see everything and pick up every leaf and run up sand dunes and throw rocks and scurry around chasing squirrels. As my friend Alison and I were running around Prince Edward Island last week, I kept wanting to run off into the woods or a field or hike through the trees, and we quickly referred to this as my love of "tromping." I don't know how to explain it any more than that...whenever we'd find some new trail or cliff or something, I would immediately need to go explore, which Alison commonly referred to as my "tromping through the forest" or "tromping through the bushes" and we decided that I'm just a tromper at heart.

So anyway, at one point we saw a sign with a moose on it, and Alison was telling me about how her friends' nickname for their son is "Moose," and then that reminded me of how some of my friends' nickname for their son is "Chomp" and then I was telling her about how there are a surprisingly high number of little boy shirts out there that say "chomp" on them... (stuff like this:)
...which led Alison to say "You should make your own kids t-shirt that has you tromping through the forest, with you saying 'Tromp' instead of 'Chomp'." I know it took a long time to get to this explanation. And it makes it sound like Alison and I have the most boring, baby-ridden conversations ever, but that was the origin of how this illustration came to be:

Coming to a Baby Gap near you.........
probably never.

But I highly recommend tromping.


  1. Chomp would like to tromp with you anytime!