Monday, October 17, 2011

I Kinda' Heart NY

 I just returned home after nine days of travelling! (Actually, I wrote most of this yesterday in the JFK airport, while still travelling. But I'm home now!) I traveled with a friend to Boston, New York City, and Prince Edward Island, Canada. I know, that last one might seem a little out of place - but if you were raised on "Anne of Green Gables" like I was, you know that's where the story takes place, and I've always wanted to see it. Prince Edward Island was everything I hoped and imagined it would be - it was absolutely, positively perfect!

It was a funny trip because I didn't realize when we planned the vacation what opposites PEI and NYC would be. I just didn't think about it. But PEI, which was the first leg of the trip, was one of the most peaceful, relaxing, gorgeous places I've ever been...and New York is probably the busiest, loudest, bustling city I've ever been to. They were polar opposites, and it was weird being in both places in the same week!

I know some people are city people, and some people aren't...and I'm just not. I know that. I like trees and personal space and backyards too much. And even though I had a great time in New York, I was much more unsettled there than I was on Prince Edward Island...and every time I walked past NY street vendors (which, for the record, was about every five feet) selling things that said "I heart NY", I couldn't help but think "No, I heart Canada! I heart Green Gables! You can't tell me what I heart!!" so I made a few revisions to the classic "I heart NY" logo to represent my trip. I know it's New York blasphemy. I'm sorry. But I heart Canada. 
(And last night as I drove beneath the stars and pine trees up to my cute little home in the mountains, I was reminded that California ain't so bad either. It's kinda' good to be home.)