Happy Halloween!

7:54 AM

Happy Halloween!
I briefly considered dressing up in costume for work today, until I remembered it's Monday and I'm typically alone in the office on Mondays. Then I had fun as I imagined what that would look like, with me prancing around the office by myself dressed as a hobbit or superhero or protocol droid or whatever. I would enjoy knowing that when I answered the phone, the person on the other end wouldn't know they were speaking to someone in a ninja turtle costume, for instance. In actuality, I'm wearing a plaid button-down shirt with a black sweater and pretending I'm Liz Lemon without her glasses on. It's almost a costume. Like when you use your green braces to get people to not pinch you on St. Patrick's Day even though you really forgot to wear green...I'm just barely dressing up. But hey, getting the office to myself so I can blast the new Coldplay album while I'm pretending to be Tina Fey = best Halloween ever.


Bacon Crest

7:56 AM

Today's illustration was inspired by my friend Nate, who really, really loves bacon. I actually have two good friends named Nate that are in love with bacon, so it could apply to either. In truth, everybody named Nate probably loves bacon, because all men seem to be in agreement about the wonders of bacon. Today at our staff lunch meeting we had "breakfast for lunch" and even though the menu said "steak and eggs," Nate#1 kept hoping and hoping that by "steak," they meant "bacon." A little desperate for bacon, are we? This artwork is obviously just a tweaked version of yesterday's post, but it was still fun to come up with. So here's to all the Nates of the world and their love of bacon! Think of it as the Bacon family crest. Bacon Crest. Sounds like a nasty toothpaste or a shady city I wouldn't want to raise kids in.


7:48 AM

I love to sketch. I really do. But lately I've been a little tired of doodling such silly, cartoony doodles...I needed to shake things up. So yesterday I decided to do my "drawing" on my computer in Illustrator and it feels refreshing to have a different kind of artwork to show for myself. It was inspired by the thought of a family crest and it made me think that if I had my own personal crest, it would have to be very mountainy. Because my life is very mountain-centric. And I like nature. Once I was finished, I got excited for a moment thinking I had just created a symbol that could double as a Captain Planet logo...until I realized it's not four different elements - it's Earth, Water, Earth, and Earth again. And yes, I know there are five different Captain Planet team members, but I always thought "Heart" was a bit of a stretch. Right, Planeteers? Anyway, I also designed a monochromatic version that I might like even more than the first version. Some day I will make a shirt with this on it, and I will pretend I'm a Planeteer.



7:57 AM

Would you rather date a really cute guy who has a tree for body....or date a tree with a man-body?
Don't answer that. It's rhetorical. Or nonsensical. Or something. I just think "Would you rather" questions are funny. But I don't like when they're depressing, like "Would you rather have no eyes or no feet?" I've heard some pretty gnarly ones that make me wince as they're being listed off. I prefer exciting "Would you rather" questions like "Would you rather have a magical elf who grants you three wishes or be given a $5,000 gift card to Outback Steakhouse?" See how much more fun that is? And then follow-up response questions add to the excitement - Is it a boy elf or girl elf? Does the gift card have an expiration date? Will I have to feed and clothe the elf? Could I just wish-ask the elf for an Outback gift card? (Duh.) Aaaaaaanyway, since it seems as though this whole post was sort of one big tangent - I'm gonna' sign off. Hope you enjoyed the tree-dude.

Adeline's Drawing

7:56 AM

My housemates' 4-year-old daughter, Adeline, made this for me a few weeks ago, and I love it. She just recently started really drawing people that look like humans, and I simply love this drawing. She said it's a drawing of me and her - and look at how our little stick arms are holding hands...come on, that's adorable. This is good stuff.

 But then I started thinking about what these people would really look like, with these long, skinny limbs and no torsos...so I decided to draw a slightly more realistic version of Addie's drawing:
...Aaaaaaaand it's the creepiest thing ever.
Bad idea, right? I should have left it alone. Weird little skinny monsters - gotta' love the unibrows, though. I think they translated pretty well from the original. Everything else...not so much. Adeline knew what she was doing. I shouldn't have taken matters into my own hands. Lesson learned.

Weakened Weekend

7:52 AM

"Is this too gross to post?..." I wondered as I clicked the "publish" button.
Come on, you can handle it, right? Because I've had to live this, people! Okay, maybe the inner-tubers are fictional, but I've been so sick this weekend and "runny nose" barely begins to describe it. I'm still pretty sick. As I'm typing this, it's 8:56pm Sunday night and I'm in bed already, wearing a breathe right strip with a pile of toilet paper next to my bed because I never bother to buy kleenex. It's a sorry sight.

This weekend has been a slew of sorry circumstances, and it was only accentuated by my sniffling and sneezing. I was prevented from visiting my parents this weekend due to a forest fire that closed a nearby highway, which resulted in me spending my weekend playing the game of watching TV shows that were filmed in New York (which I just visited for the first time) and mentally saying "I've been there!" every time characters walk past a familiar landmark. And when that got old, I got sucked into watching a BBC miniseries starring Judi Dench because there was nothing else on TV. It felt like a real low point. 

But I'm sure today will be a better, brighter day. 
With less forest fires, less BBC, and less nose-blowing.

Canada Week

7:56 AM

Who would have thought I would ever do an entire week of sketches about Canada?! 
I certainly would not have predicted that. But here we are.
Last one, guys. I promise. "I leaf PEI." It doesn't make any sense, I know. I originally tried to draw a maple leaf that was in the shape of a heart...but it just looked like a really pointy heart. 


"Bring back a mountie!"

7:41 AM

This drawing goes out to my friend James,
who, before I left for my Canadian vacation, told me to "Bring back a mountie."

I didn't see any on PEI, or I totally would have.


7:43 AM

This is a silly sketch I did to remember one of the funny moments when Alison and I were visiting Prince Edward Island. At one point, we were going for a walk through the national park, and a guy rode by on a bike and said "Big snake in the road, eh?!" And he kept riding off before we could respond. Alison and I, caught off-guard by both the thought of snakes and the reality that Canadians actually say "eh" at the end of their sentences, didn't know what to make of it. We just started laughing about it, because we couldn't tell if he was warning us about a snake he had just passed, or if he was asking if we had seen a snake on the trail we'd just walked. In hindsight, we realized that he was dressed like a park ranger and had a bucket with him, so he had probably been tasked with the duty of finding and relocating the alleged snake...but it was just a funny interaction for us at the time. We definitely watched for snakes on the rest of the trip, eh!


7:49 AM

Today's drawing is based on a word that was commonly used on my recent vacation: tromping.
When I get out into really pretty nature, I revert back to my ten-year-old self. I want to climb trees and jump around and play and leap and frolic. Picture a really excited terrier going for a walk. I want to see everything and pick up every leaf and run up sand dunes and throw rocks and scurry around chasing squirrels. As my friend Alison and I were running around Prince Edward Island last week, I kept wanting to run off into the woods or a field or hike through the trees, and we quickly referred to this as my love of "tromping." I don't know how to explain it any more than that...whenever we'd find some new trail or cliff or something, I would immediately need to go explore, which Alison commonly referred to as my "tromping through the forest" or "tromping through the bushes" and we decided that I'm just a tromper at heart.

So anyway, at one point we saw a sign with a moose on it, and Alison was telling me about how her friends' nickname for their son is "Moose," and then that reminded me of how some of my friends' nickname for their son is "Chomp" and then I was telling her about how there are a surprisingly high number of little boy shirts out there that say "chomp" on them... (stuff like this:)
...which led Alison to say "You should make your own kids t-shirt that has you tromping through the forest, with you saying 'Tromp' instead of 'Chomp'." I know it took a long time to get to this explanation. And it makes it sound like Alison and I have the most boring, baby-ridden conversations ever, but that was the origin of how this illustration came to be:

Coming to a Baby Gap near you.........
probably never.

But I highly recommend tromping.

I Kinda' Heart NY

7:50 AM

 I just returned home after nine days of travelling! (Actually, I wrote most of this yesterday in the JFK airport, while still travelling. But I'm home now!) I traveled with a friend to Boston, New York City, and Prince Edward Island, Canada. I know, that last one might seem a little out of place - but if you were raised on "Anne of Green Gables" like I was, you know that's where the story takes place, and I've always wanted to see it. Prince Edward Island was everything I hoped and imagined it would be - it was absolutely, positively perfect!

It was a funny trip because I didn't realize when we planned the vacation what opposites PEI and NYC would be. I just didn't think about it. But PEI, which was the first leg of the trip, was one of the most peaceful, relaxing, gorgeous places I've ever been...and New York is probably the busiest, loudest, bustling city I've ever been to. They were polar opposites, and it was weird being in both places in the same week!

I know some people are city people, and some people aren't...and I'm just not. I know that. I like trees and personal space and backyards too much. And even though I had a great time in New York, I was much more unsettled there than I was on Prince Edward Island...and every time I walked past NY street vendors (which, for the record, was about every five feet) selling things that said "I heart NY", I couldn't help but think "No, I heart Canada! I heart Green Gables! You can't tell me what I heart!!" so I made a few revisions to the classic "I heart NY" logo to represent my trip. I know it's New York blasphemy. I'm sorry. But I heart Canada. 
(And last night as I drove beneath the stars and pine trees up to my cute little home in the mountains, I was reminded that California ain't so bad either. It's kinda' good to be home.) 

Super(?) Hero

7:45 AM

All right, I confess - I didn't draw this guy. I used a superhero generator, which is awesome.
I could play on that site all day long, making superheroes. For each individual item, I feel the need to scroll through every option and possibility there is! Very time-consuming. This is my favorite superhero that I've come up with. I like that he has a bo staff (like Donatello) and a magical ring and an eyepatch. I had an art teacher with an eyepatch and I always thought that made him so tough. You know, like how tough guys in movies always have eyepatches...And my favorite part is that his sidekick is a squirrel! I know it seems like probably the wussiest sidekick a hero could have, but there are lots of squirrels where I live and I've come to love them. And besides, this squirrel probably knows kung fu or something. It's a super-squirrel and together they're a super-duo.


7:42 AM

This must be what it's like when Alfred the butler is on vacation...
I don't know where in my brain this came from (or more imprtantly, why) but I like it.
My favorite part is that he still has his mask and gloves on while he's washing his pants.

The Lake

7:43 AM

This is the final drawing I did in a series of scenic spots at Forest Home.
It was easily the most difficult and the one I struggled with the most, I think because there were so many different elements involved - the stone wall, the plants, the road, the sand, the lake, the mountains...it was hard for me to visually communicate the proper distance between them. But I still liked getting the opportunity to draw such a prime spot at this camp that I'm come to love so much...

Underwater Adventures

7:40 AM

This is the latest page from my Walls Sketchbook. The page is actually a photo of the blue siding of a building, but I decided to make it an underwater adventure instead. With aliens. They took a wrong turn and got lost. And I wanted to draw a mermaid, but since clamshells are so cliche nowadays, I made her wearing a sweatshirt instead. It's a casual mer-day.

On Hold

7:51 AM

I drew this last week after being on hold with the laaaaaamest company I've ever dealt with...and my frustration is taking place in this doodle. I don't know why the phone is so huge in this scenario - maybe it's symbolic of the burden I felt from dealing with such a company...or maybe I just felt like drawing a big phone. I never remember that speakerphone is a thing, so I always end up holding the phone to my ear for an hour like a chump (okay, so maybe it was seven minutes and not an hour.) But in frustration-time, that's like 3.2 years, so...it felt like I was on hold for forever.

Steve Jobs

7:03 AM

I've never been much of a mac user. I know, I'm an artist - I'm supposed to use a mac! Believe me, I've been harassed about it by every graphic design classmate I ever had, but I've just never been drawn to macs. I had to use them in all my high school and college art classes, and it just never clicked for me. I'm a PC girl, through and through, for whatever reason. Maybe I'm just stubborn.

But I still think it's pretty impressive that Apple has become what it is today. I like itunes and ipads and iphones and ipods...I like that things have touch screens now. I like that sometimes laptops are pretty. I am thankful for Apple and the innovations that Steve Jobs had a hand in. Wasn't he the head of Pixar for a while? I mean, there's no denying that this guy made the most of his 56 years...and this is me paying tribute. I think he deserves it. Even though I'm typing this on my PC...


James Bond Jovi

7:41 AM

The idea came for this one came to me after I drew my "Bondfire" sketch a few weeks ago. I liked the idea of drawing James Bond (aka Sean Connery) into other ridiculous scenarios, like being Bon Jovi. Rather, Bond Jovi. It was a toss-up between this and "Bondie and Clyde." I went with this. Obviously. I tried to think of something clever he could be saying - something that was a Bond/Bon Jovi crossover reference, like "Livin' on a prayer? More like livin' on martinis and womanizing!" but there's just nothing to work with there. Nothing clever. The closest I got was if Bond was singing "Women, I'm a player" in place of the words "Livin' on a Prayer." Clearly that's the only Bon Jovi song I know. And really, you don't need any clever Bond Jovi wordplay to be entertained, right?...I think this tuxedo muscle tee is providing enough entertainment to go around.

Photoshopped Friends

7:51 AM

This is one of my favorite photoshopping ventures. It was for work, and it was my responsibility to clone a lot of our staffers onto different musical personas. These are two of those staffers and two of those musical personas. Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera. The original picture (below) was much too innapropriate for us to use, so I cleaned it up a bit. Christina's laced-up shirt was the first to go. But my favorite part of the whole thing is that I changed the word "sexiest" to "neatest." The "neatest tour on earth." My world is rated-G, people. PG occasionally. But mostly a lot of G. I love when I get to create things like this for my job. It's such a ridiculous thing to get paid for. I dig it.

*I do not own the rights to Rolling Stone, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, her laced-up shirt, their music, or anything else related to this post. I own nothing.

Big Ol' Tree Redux

7:37 AM

 You know how it's kind of a bummer when you're painting something in your bathroom with wood stain,
and then it makes the whole house smell like gasoline?...You know, and then you have to explain to your housemate's 4-year-old daughter why there's a giant piece of wooden artwork in your bathtub?

Does that not happen to everybody? Because there's definitely some tree art in my bathtub right now, and it's making the whole first floor smell like gasoline. Not cool. This is the plight of an artist, I guess. Having to clarify to your housemates that no, there's not a gas leak - I just felt like doin' some wood stain. It's a twin of this artwork I did a while ago, one of my favorites. I liked it so much that I decided to another... although I don't know what exactly I'm going do with it yet. For the moment, I'm satisfied with it giving my bathtub an artsy look. 


Up a Tree

7:55 AM

I always wince a little as I try to figure out how to explain drawings like this...
Sometimes I wonder if they're meant to stay in the depths of my brain where they came from. 
I drew this a few days ago - I got to paint my department's office last week, and it resulted in me running around the office barefoot for a few days so my shoes wouldn't get all painty. There's something wonderful about being barefoot. I've been really embracing it lately. It makes me feel like a kid! And when paired with some long denim cutoff shorts, it makes me feel like a Tom-Sawyer-esque rascal. Like I'm about to get into mischief. And it made those work days so fun. So even though I was at work, the days had a hint of childhood and mischief to them, and this was my doodle-method of illustrating that. Kind of silly. But our office looks so much better now! Nothing silly about that.

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