7:51 AM

I know, I know, I draw trees allllllll the time! They're my go-to drawing. But they don't always have brainy-looking clouds oozing out from under them, do they? That's new! Today's picture was inspired by a t-shirt I saw recently. It's this cool shirt with a hand-drawn image of waves and trees or be honest, I don't really remember what the drawing was - just that it was a big drawing that took up the whole front of the shirt, and I remember thinking that I could have drawn it. I kept thinking about that shirt all day, sort of mad that I didn't think to draw that cool shirt first, before the person who drew it (does everyone else think this way?) So I decided to remedy this with my own could-be-a-shirt-someday drawing. I mean, I know this isn't the coolest shirt ever, and it's still not nearly as cool as the other shirt I saw...but I've always loved the dream of designing t-shirts, and it was fun to go through the motions with this drawing.

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