My Photoshop Roots

7:54 AM

I thought twice about posting this picture, because the embarrassment level is just so high. But I also think it's so funny that it might be worth sharing. This is a picture that I poorly photoshopped when I was in high school. It's me and JC from 'N Sync, who I was madly in love with at the time. This is just one of many pictures that I photoshopped myself into so that I could be with JC. I learned photoshop for stuff like this! I know it's kind of weird now. (When I was 16, it was cuter. Just know that I was doing this instead of doing drugs, so then it seems like a great option.) I think the most embarrassing part of this photo isn't even the fact that it's me and JC - it's that we're in a hammock with puppies in our laps. Yeeeesh. Couldn't I come up with a better photo to superimpose us into?! Remember - I was 16. This probably seemed like "the dream." Me and JC, swinging in the breeze on a hammock with our SIX puppies, sippin' on some lemonade....Yikes. I think my dreams in life have changed a bit, and I'm pretty confident that that's okay. You'd be more worried about me if they hadn't.

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  1. This picture made me SMILE!!! I know I didn't know you when you were 16, but I'd like to think Annie at 18 was pretty similar :)
    My favorite part is that you look like you're going to take a big bite out of his cheek.

  2. And in all honesty, I might just be 18 in that picture...

  3. I remember this! It still makes me smile... :)


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