Moooooore Babies!

8:00 AM

Whew! I added the final two children to my drawing of all my friends' babies. Yeah, that's right. There are NINE of them! If my life was a soap opera it could be called "All My Friends' Children." We hang out pretty regularly and it's like we're constantly doing some sort of head count to make sure nobody's run into the pool or hiding in the dryer. It's chaos, but it's wonderful. These kids are legit adorable. Jack and Macyn are the two that I added in this update, down in front. Jack's trademark is his big, adorable brown eyes, and I personally enjoy his "bewildered" look that he does often. I like when babies look concerned. And I drew Macyn in a tiny little romper because she wears rompers sometimes, and rompers are amazing. Are adult rompers coming into style? Because I'm a big fan of overall-shorts and I think those are basically the same thing. I'm digressing. The more important thing (more important than overall-shorts, you ask?) is that our baby tally just got one baby bigger - soon we're going to have a precious little girl named Truly here with the bunch! So in a little while she might join the campfire scene with the rest of the brood. Also, the campfire itself might join the gang, so Olivia doesn't look so crazy with that skewer to nowhere. Until then... 

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  1. This is so excellent! Can't wait for Truly and the campfire! a mismom myself...

  2. I also like the addition of the butterfly.

  3. Thanks Annie for letting Macyn join in on the fun even though we will not be in Zion (tear). Love you and your enormous talent.


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