Herr Zeller

7:48 AM

This is another guy I drew while watching the Sound of Music the other day. 
I actually started out drawing Herr Zeller (this guy, one of the Sound of Music nazis.)
I drew the profile and the slicked-back hair...but I accidentally made him too cute, and I just couldn't do it. I couldn't draw that ridiculous mustache on his face to make him more Herr-Zeller-like. So I left his face in its pretty state, and decided instead to make him a young man staring off into the distance. Sometimes artwork evolves as you're drawing it. Sometimes sketches turn from a nazi into a nice young man in a sweater vest. Actually, that's something else that has "evolved" in this drawing - I think I meant to make him wearing a button-down shirt underneath a sweater (at least, that's how I drew it at the bottom of the shirt/sweater) but I didn't draw a top to the sweater portion, or something...so it's kind of a shirt that evolves into a sweater-over-a-shirt. It's like an optical illusion. Riveting, I know. Did I mention I get to go to the Hollywood Bowl Sound of Music Sing-a-long on Saturday?!

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