7:43 AM

This was a fun project - I got to help with the artwork for the 2011 Briefing conference at Forest Home.
Josh Avis did the design work for the piece above and Nate Eaton prepared the image for the shirt below, but I drew the little bird and branch! It's so fun for me to get to be a part of things like this...I still get giddy when anything I do ends up on a shirt. And I originally gave Josh a scribbled little bird and branch and words on a blank piece of paper, but he made it look so much cooler with the green background! Those boys, they make everything look good. It's fun getting to work with the Forest Home marketing team as often as I do, and I genuinely like the Briefing shirt. I mean, I've seen a lot of camp shirts in my day...and this one is simple and cute and I like it a lot.

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